Amazon Wish List Program


We invite you to visit our Amazon Wish List, a registry of items used for day-to-day care and animal enrichment – providing hours of fun, entertainment and stimulation for our residents! By purchasing an item from the registry, you are directly supporting the care of our animals. We hope you’ll check back often, new items will be added weekly!

Shelter volunteers work around the clock to ensure that the animals in our collection receive quality nutrition, top-notch animal care and habitats. Experts also provide plenty of enrichment activities to respond to the sensory, physical and social needs of our animals. Environmental enrichment (which is a fancy name for “toys”!) stimulates animals’ senses and encourages natural behaviors like foraging, play and socializing. All items in our registry have been approved by our animal care experts.

Please include your name, address and email when checking out so we can send you a thank-you! For tracking purposes, you are welcome to forward your purchase confirmation to info@hsstt.com so that we can update you on its arrival.