Humane Society St. Thomas


Since 1957, the Humane Society of St. Thomas has been sheltering abandoned animals, fighting cruelty, animal neglect and working to create an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals throughout the territory.

Our functional campus sits on 4.7 acres and consists of five major buildings.  We are an open admission shelter, meaning that our doors are always open for any animal that we can legally accept. The Humane Society of St. Thomas is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are the only animal shelter serving the residents of St. Thomas, and other than a small contract with the government of the Virgin Islands we are dependent entirely upon donations and the good will of the community.

The Humane Society of St. Thomas is a Non-Profit Organization

Over 2000 animals pass through our shelter doors each year. We strive to provide the highest quality care to each and every visiting animal. Your membership and support are essential to our ability to continually meet the demand of maintaining the HSSTT campus. Whether volunteering your time, talents or contributing funds, “You” can make a real difference in an shelter animal’s life

Generator Rebuild Fund

As we are rapidly approaching the peak of hurricane season, our shelter animals and staff need your your assistance “NOW”! Click Here to Donate.

Our aging and nonoperational generator is in dire need of major repairs totaling approximately $25,000.00 for major parts and labor. Needless to say, with WAPA’s inability to provide reliable power in the best of weather conditions, HSSTT must have a dependable power source 24/7. We simply cannot provide essential services to our animals without electricity! Due to our neighborhood noise ordinance clause, the main kennel windows are kept closed to assist in sound proofing. So… when there is no AC that means the dogs, puppies and cats are literally in a hot box equivalent to being in a hot car. NOT GOOD! In addition, there is no purified water for the animals to drink, water to the clean kennels nor clean linens for them to rest on.

2021 Annual Meeting & Election Update

Dear Members and Supporters,

“THANK YOU” to everyone who submitted nominations, participated in and organized the online elections process. The 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of our organization was held on June 05 2021, via ZOOM.

​Please join us in graciously thanking the out-going Board Members for their dedication and service: Susan Baker, Denise E. Kurg, Michael L. Sheesley, Viola VanSluytman and welcoming our new and returning Board Members. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

Welcome New Board Members
Carole Arbour
Debbie Grace-Smith
Judith Martino
Ilana Reich

Returning Board Members
Dellia Holodenschi (1- year)
Kevin Likens (2- year)
Tatiana Kling (2- year)
Raymond Szymanski (1- year)
Annette T. Zachman (2- year)

HSSTT holds Board member elections every year following an open recommendation and nomination process. HSSTT Board members serve for three (3) year terms unless they are filling a seat vacated by the previous director who did not finish their full three (3) year term before leaving.  Normally, approximately one third (1/3) of the Board seats are up for election every year with the top three vote recipients filling the three (3) seats that are up for a full three (3) year term. 

The Board must balance a number of objectives when developing the slate. Their mission and aim is to recommend candidates who are driven by the HSSTT mission and are able to contribute to HSSTT’s development through their personal and organizational knowledge and networks of influence, and most importantly are able to make a substantial amount of time and resources available.   

This has been and will continue to be an extraordinarily challenging year, and we “Thank You” for your continued support. All of the working committees can always use help and we always welcome your participation. If you are interested in joining a committee, now is the time as we structure for the new term. (Committees: Education and Legislation, Finance, Fundraising, Membership, Paws to Care Thrift Store, Spay/Neuter, Shelter Operations, Pets With Wings)